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r-PGA Deep Hydration Moisturizing Cushion Mask  6x 20ml/0.67oz
r-PGA Deep Hydration Moisturizing Cushion Mask  6x 20ml/0.67ozr-PGA Deep Hydration Moisturizing Cushion Mask  6x 20ml/0.67ozr-PGA Deep Hydration Moisturizing Cushion Mask  6x 20ml/0.67oz

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Natural Beauty r-PGA Deep Hydration Moisturizing Cushion Mask

Size: 6x 20ml/0.67oz
  • 6x 20ml/0.67oz
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  • "Taiwan Excellence Award 2021"
  • Hydrating Radiant Series
  • 2020 Hit item, give you an immediate effect
  • product features:
  • - Super moisturizing!
  • - Super brightening!
  • - Contains r-PGA, the most moisturizing factor: Adding plant collagen r-PGA +, its water gathering capacity per unit is “1:5000,” that is 10 times of water retention compared to traditional hyaluronic acid !
  • - Dimensionally micro air cushion mask cloth
  • Main ingredients :
  • - Super moisturizingr-PGA:can improve the skin's natural moisturizing factor (NMF). It can direct deliver to skin bottom, let skin moist and lock water from inside out
  • - Ultra conductive plant fibrous diatom mud: rich in marine pure minerals, the diatom mud is clean and soft in texture, with strong physical adsorption and ion exchange properties. The three-dimensional honeycomb mask cloth with diatom mud has strong liquid load and high adhesion, so that the conduction is more efficient and maintenance is more effective
  • - Cucumber is rich in vitamin C, amino acids, enzymes, and a variety of minerals -- soothing moisture and soften the skin
  • - Chamomile contains flavonoids, red myrrh, cyanol and other active ingredients -- It can sooth, calm, and effectively comfort the skin. It’s suitable for the maintenance of irritation skin.
  • Suitable for:
  • All skin types
  • Usage:
  • After cleansing the skin, take out the mask, spread it out flat on the face, remove it after about 20 minutes, and gently tap the essence on the face until it is completely absorbed. Use 1-2 times a week depending on your skin condition. Please discard the mask after a single use.
r-PGA, plant fibrous diatom mud, cucumber, chamomile

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